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Reflections on the Radiant Experience of Being Human

    Being human, living life, surviving, and thriving… it is a complex struggle. Sometimes life flows effortlessly and sometimes it is a steep and rocky climb. Despite the title, my experience has not always been radiant – I can’t always find the radiance in every moment, in every day.
    There is light and there is shadow; summer and winter; joy and pain. We certainly cannot choose the hills and valleys along the path of a life. But we do have a choice, moment to moment, about how we respond.
    My intention here is to shed what light I can on this journey of being human. I am dedicated to the evolution of the human spirit. I believe that through spiritual growth, we can increase the radiance of our experience; the spirit will see us through each day, week, year, decade.

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Laurie Thorp


Laurie Thorp is a teacher, healer, and artist who is devoted to the evolution of the human spirit. She has been exploring and integrating energy healing, self-awareness, and embodied awakening for more than three decades. 


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