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"Truth. That’s the word that comes to mind when I think of Laurie Thorp. At the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, Laurie was my first year teacher, and the following year she served as my Anatomy & Physiology II instructor. I love how she teaches with kick-ass ferocity, raucous laughter, utter transparency, and enveloping love. (The dark chocolate she dispenses only serves to elevate the learning experience.) Laurie not only makes complex subjects understandable and fun but with her life and laughter, she models most what I want to continue learning. The Truth will set you free.”

 L. Zélandais, Student, Energy Healer, USA


"Laurie always feels so totally present with whatever she is teaching and always
opening herself further and further. Black holes, quantum fields, “melting particles
into waves”, she brings humanity into the cosmos, modern physics into the healing
classroom. Her meditations are among my treasures."
J. Katzenelson, Student and Client, Israel

"I have had Laurie as my teacher and therapist for 2 years now and I can sum up her uniqueness in two aspects:

First, she will lead you with incomparable passion and sagaciousness to wherever you need to go in your healing, and she will take you out transmuted, healed and wondrously conscious. And second, she has the exceptional talent to lead herself and others to the unexplored realms of our being, trusting the universal divine will and managing to ride it like no other. Laurie is special, and is what every energy healer and person who wants to transform his life needs."


N. Holguin, Physician, Student and Client, Colombia 

"Laurie Thorp is without a doubt the most compassionate, insightful and effective healer and teacher I have encountered. She embodies a powerful yet gentle, loving presence and demonstrates fearlessness to take on any challenge and to see you through it. She inspires confidence and is a gifted teacher whose love of people and of teaching is inspired and transformational."


D. Black, Entrepreneur, Student and Client, Canada

"Being in the presence of Laurie is a gift in itself. What amazes me the most is her way of being expansive and wise beyond most I have met – yet so down to earth, grounded, and in touch with her clients/students at the same time. She is direct and gets to the point in the most caring, loving, and gentle way. She encompasses characteristics that I usually see as opposing and brings them together in an integrated, holistic, way. She proves to me in each interaction that I do not have to be any certain way or fit into any box… I can be all that I am! Laurie is a professional healer who does amazing work on the table and throughout each minute of her daily life with her authentic interactions with others. Her honesty and willingness to teach from within has impacted my life incredibly."


M. McCarthy, Clinician Assistant, Student, and Client, USA

"I have known Laurie since 2006 and I have nothing but praise for this person whom I greatly admire. She is a terrific teacher, healer and an inspirational being for others such as myself. I feel that her wealth of knowledge and experience is what sets her apart from others. When I think of Laurie, I cannot help but to think that she is a person who keeps it real. Spirituality is not all about this lovey, dovey feeling of eternal bliss and peace – it is about being real. The realness of the beauty and the ugliness we all have within, and in our world and the universe as a whole. Whatever she is offering, I feel it is worth your time to listen to what she has to say and share."

S. Jay, Life Coach and BBSH Certified Energy Healer, USA

"Laurie’s guided meditations, as an experiential or to provide the foundation for a healing technique, have always had a profound impact on me. Her curiosity, quest, and unforced invitation to delve into ever-deeper spheres of awareness and consciousness is contagious and intriguing at the same time. Her meditations are very fluid but stay within the structure of the intentions set out at the onset. I love the way she connects to and touches my innermost longing of my soul."


H. Goth, Director of Financial Operations, Software Engineering, USA

"Laurie is an amazing educator and facilitator. Her enthusiasm for teaching is contagious, and she inspires her students to learn and fully step into their power. As a speaker, she sparks creativity in her audiences and has an innate ability to be in the flow of the moment, providing insight in plain language. She is an excellent healer and supports her clients in fully understanding various aspects of their lives. I find Laurie’s warm, supportive nature a welcome presence, providing the strength and encouragement I need to accept things as they are in the current moment while opening the door for healing and growth to enter."

          L. Holliman. Technology Consultant, Project Manager, Student and Client, Canada

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